Children's Treatment

Community Service Provider Consultation and Staff-Training Services:
With over thirty years of occupational therapy experience, Dr. Ryan has extensive experience with providing a variety of consultation and staff-training services. She has performed staff trainings and environmental design consultations in long-term care and day program facilities across the United States and Canada. Since the control of anxiety and boredom are important aspects of all social relationships and are important quality of life indicators, comprehensive programs can be set up to meet and exceed state and national regulatory agency specifications. Initial Needs Assessments may be arranged by calling (423) 280-9293.

Adult Treatment

People are complex systems. Their capacities, interests, hopes, experiences, and passions can self-organize, becoming more adaptive through compassion focused therapy (CFT) and treatment in a multisensory environment (MSE).

Confusion and agitation that sometimes accompany life’s stress and traumatic moments are unavoidable through a person’s life and are intensified in adults with autism, sensory processing challenges, post-traumatic stress, dementia, and a variety of mental health challenges. A variety of services are available to meet the needs of clients living with social behavior or interpersonal relationship challenges that can compromise success due to fight-flight-freeze responses.

By combining CFT and MSE treatment, permanent changes can be achieved in supporting an adult client’s function by promoting relaxing or rewarding feelings of:

Individual Client Services:

  • Safety and mutual respect at home
  • Fitting in and having purpose in work or community environments
  • Being treated with respect by others
  • Knowing what to do or say to make others feel good
  • A job well done
  • Knowing how to keep oneself from getting bored
  • ​Knowing how to do things that have value to others and self

Human Systems Occupational Therapy strives to provide services on a sliding scale that allows for treatment of adults at risk of not receiving potential treatment opportunities due to limited finances and healthcare benefits. This potential can be achieved through a partial-service bartering system as needed to benefit the client, as well as the White Oak United Methodist Service Partnership Community. An individual initial assessment is required to determine specific needs and set self-organizing treatment goals for each client. Initial assessments may be arranged by calling Dr. Janice Ryan at (423) 280-9293.

Home and Community Consultation Services:
Since CFT is used to reach interpersonal and social goals in real-life settings, home and community integration experiences are an important part of treatment following an individual initial assessment and MSE treatment. Recreation, learning, work life, and community integration experiences can be developed to promote a client’s adaptive capacity for feeling the benefits of healthier interpersonal relationships in all areas of life.

Adult Treatment